Banana Cheese  

We’re fun, we’re funny, we’re banana cheese
— Us weekly (no not the magazine, but the three of us say it, weekly)

Banana Cheese is a creative collective formed by Sam Marine, Emily Wilson and Jo Roueiheb. Each hailing from different backgrounds such as CollegeHumor, Vice and the Upright Citizens Brigade, we have come together to blend our individual talents such as directing, producing, editing and acting to create content that you'll wanna consume more than bananas and cheese.


Picnic table

Written/Directed/Edited by Emily Wilson

Produced by Sam Marine

A young man moves to an unfamiliar town for a new job, but as early as his first day starts to recognize that his co-workers are involved in a scandal that he soon finds himself tangled up in.

Picnic Table won Best Short at Kingston Film Festival

man underground poster.png


Written/Directed by Sam Marine and Michael Boroweic

Featuring Jo Roueiheb

A retired geologist grows increasingly paranoid while filming a low-budget movie about his violent encounters with extraterrestrials.

Man Underground won Best First Feature at the Fantasia Film Festival and is distributed by Indican Pictures. It is available for Purchase on Amazon and iTunes.

Screen Shot 2018-07-22 at 6.54.23 PM.png


Directed by Sam Marine

Written/Produced by and Starring Jo Roueiheb

Two people attempting to meet-up struggle to find each other by making themselves stand-out as much as possible. 

I'm Over Here was picked up by several blogs including Whohaha and Comedy Cake.