Hi! I'm Jo Roueiheb, (pronounced "Smith" ... jk it's Roo-eye-heb), but you can call me Jo! 

I am an actor, writer and improvisor trained at the Upright Citizens Brigade. I have starred in videos that have been featured on Funny or Die, CollegeHumor, Huffington Post, E! Online, Cosmopolitan, and a little thing called Youtube. If you pronounce my last name correctly I will grant you one year of indentured servitude per the gypsy curse placed upon me during my high school senior trip to Six Flags. 

As a filmmaker, my experience ranges from producing, writing and directing narrative, documentary, corporate, commercial and live event videos. My resume includes work with The Onion, Saturday Night Live, and Jimmy Kimmel Live.

You can currently catch me on stage every other week at UCB East Village's Lloyd Night. I like collecting stamps, traveling and doing jigsaw puzzles with the edge pieces last.